Friday, April 25, 2008

Rate My Dairy Queen

I love Dairy Queen.  I always have.  It has always been where Grandma takes you for a special treat, where the team goes after the tournament (win or lose), and where I go now to feed my emotions or celebrate accomplishments.

I few years ago, I began comparing Dairy Queen stores.  I thrive on variety and can hardly pass up a Dairy Queen if I see one.  I noticed that all DQs are not created equal.

Some stores are stingy on the cone size...
Some stores are expensive as hell...
Some store managers flirt with my wife.

With this weekly, blog I will compare and rate various Dairy Queen stores throughout Mpls/St Paul.  By the end of this summer, we will know--

Who is most generous with their ice cream cone size,
Who has the best and worst prices.
And who provides the best overall Dairy Queen experience.

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