Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lexington and University DQ - 2nd Chance!

University and Lexington --Revisited

As I mentioned the first time I reviewed this Lexington Ave Dairy Queen, it was one of my favorites.  I liked the owner who knew that on special occasions that I switched to the Chocolate Dip Cone.  We'd chat when times were slow.  It was a pleasant association.

I also predicted that the owner must have sold the place since the teenagers who were running the place were completely unfit for customer service.  Tonight, I went back to see if perhaps folks were having an off day.

I was encouraged to find that the owner that I knew from years ago was working the window.  Could it be that things were just like they were in the good ol' days?  

No!  These are not the good ol' days.  The owner gave me a floppy, over-marshmellowy, wussy cone.  I almost said to her, "Are you serious? What happened to you?"

I swear I saw that she recognized me from before and her expression seemed one of apology.  Apology accepted and I hope you can turn things around.

On the plus side, Pumpkin Blizzards!  I will try one before the month is out.

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