Saturday, June 28, 2008

Heights Theatre DQ and 38th St and 13th Ave S - Double Review

This week I went to two DQs that were mentioned in a post by Gugeo.  A couple commenters said that their favorite DQs were not reviewed yet.  I got right on it.

I have not been to the walk up DQ in South Mpls at 38th and 13th.  I can see why people like this DQ--it's in the middle of a residential neighborhood, lots of table seating, and the prices are cheap!

38th and 13th Ave - 3747 13th Ave S
Small Cone: $1.29
Medium: $1.69
Large: $1.89
Peanut Buster Parfait: $3.49

All prices are well below average.  Only the Blaine (Hwy 65) store is lower at the time of this review ($1.19).

The cones were average in size and average in flavor.  I was hoping that it would have that perfect marshmellowy flavor I a looking for so this store could be cheap and perfect.  I was annoyed by some teenagers at the table next to me, but I am sure that they are their all the time.

As an odd note, Wife Sally's ice cream in a dish was not as large as how the other stores make them, though it seemed the equivalent to the small cone, like it should. Sally thought her ice cream tasted funny.  My cone was fine.  This is just the excuse I need to return for a second review.

Review #2: Central Ave and 37th N,next to the Heights Theatre.

There is certainly an appeal to this DQ as well.  It is owned by the people who own the Heights Theatre, which is probably the most beautiful in the twin cities.  It is a single screen theater and they have a Wurlitzer Organ that they use to play instead of "the 20."  They do silent pics here, too, because of the organ, and even 72 millimeter print showings of Lawrence of Arabia.  Best of all, you can take your Peanut Buster Parfait into the theater with you!

Small cone: 1.59
Medium: $1.79
Large: $1.99
PBP: $3.49

Totally average prices.  They can get really busy around show times, so plan accordingly. 

Here is the catch--------------My small cone was the Worst Cone I have ever had.  This cone was the largest small cone, perhaps even the size of a large cone, but it was completely shapeless.  It was shapeless, perhaps, because it was more like whipped milk rather than iced milk.  The ice cream was so fluffy that it could barely maintain a cone-like shape.  The first attempt at making me a cone flew onto the floor when the server moved to fast.

Side by side with any other Dairy Queen cone and you was have guessed it came from some know-nothing competitor.  Heights DQ should be embarrassed.

I ate my cone, though.  For the sake of research.


fresca said...

Hey, Hey, Hey! I am so glad you enjoyed my favorite DQ , though the cone was not perfect (& just to be clear, it's 38th St. not 37th).
Your project is a riot, and I'm glad you are open to reader suggestions.
Good on ya!

Michael McGraw Photography said...

3747 13TH AVE S is the actual address si I guess it could be either, yes?

Did you see the Blaine DQ is 1.19 for a cone? I'm looking for the $.99 cone!


Michael McGraw Photography said...

Though it is on the corner...38th it is.

I went back there today. The cone was awesome!