Sunday, June 15, 2008

Robert St and Butler - W St Paul

Sally (l) and Barbara (r)
I did not need a cone from here today. I had just finished gorging myself at a BBQ for Barbara Moore who quit a job to work freelance only. There's a goal, now, isn't it?

This Dairy Queen makes me think of a friend from college who was working here when she found out she had diabetes. Not a good place to work when you have diabetes. She quit.

This is an excellent DQ. The area where you order can be open to the street or closed, depending on the weather, the prices are reasonable, and they were adequately staff. The girl who waited on me was pretty, so that's always nice.

Small Vanilla Cone: $1.59
Medium: $189
Large: $2.09
Peanut Buster Parfait: $3.88

This is an average price for a small cone. The cone was a bit mis-shaped, but it was the perfect marshmellowy flavor that I look for. I noticed that on the ice cream machine there was a chart which showed how big cones were supposed to be at different sizes. Each jump in size is a 2oz increase in ice cream.

At this DQ, they charge $.31 for each ounce in a 5 oz small cone. For 2 oz more (7 oz total), you get a medium cone for the cost of $.27/oz. The 9 oz large cone is only $.23/oz.

Anyway, there is plenty of seating at picnic tables, and they even have a drive-thru. If you are thinking of having food here, don't! Not because the food here is bad, but because there is a dive-restaurant called JT's just a block or two south of this DQ on Robert St. The best hotdogs and fries on the strip. Definitely worth checking out; an old dude in a paper food service have will make you a Coney Island Dog and you will have to order a second one when you are done with the first. Trust me.

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Sal said...

Interesting that you didn't mention the pretty DQ worker to me ... but feel free to tell the entire Rate My DQ audience. Interesting ...