Sunday, June 15, 2008

Snelling Ave - St. Paul

2 DQs in one weekend. It must really be summer. Judging from the crowd at the Snelling Ave DQ in St. Paul, I think it is.

There is no denying that this is a popular DQ. It is on a high-traffic street and in the middle of a residential neighborhood. There is lots of seating and it is across the street from Cheapo's. What more could one want? Slightly lower prices for one...

Take notice that I added a new segment to the right side of the blog - Average Cost. I put the cost for sm/med/lg cones, plus Peanut Buster Parfaits into a spreadsheet and did some averaging. Later, I'll have Wife Sally help me determine standard deviations and such. She just took a statistics class.

Based on these averages, the Snelling DQ is above average in cost in every category. The aggregate cost of the items reviewed is $9.68, while here at Snelling DQ the aggregate cost is $10.16.

There is a tie for the Lowest Aggregate Cost--W. 7th in DT St. Paul and Lowry Ave in NE Mpls at $8.98. Awesome!

But in regards to my experience at Snelling DQ, it was great. The cone was slightly larger than average and it was a perfect consistency.

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Sal said...

I agree, it was a good one overall. HOWEVER the chocolate ice cream machine was broken, preventing me from indulging in my new favorite DQ taste thrill.