Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crystal DQ Grill and Chill

Do they still have Brazier stores?

My experience with the Crystal DQ has been hit or miss over the years. Often the wait is too long. I suppose this is because of families eating dinner and messing up the whole serve up the ice cream flow.

Today, Seis de Mayo, Tuesday, it is rainy. No line. Staff was cheerful and my change was correct. My cone arrived with little delay. Extra points for them today for speed.

Vanilla Cone:
sm: $1.69 - This is what I ordered.
med: $2.19 - Ouch! a big jump in price for a medium.
large: $2.69 - Ouch again!

Peanut Buster Parfait: $4.19

The cone was a 3 bumper, the way it should be, but the cone was a bit small. Too narrow, actually. I feel a bit cheated out of the ice cream.

My lovely wife, Sally, ordered a small dish of ice cream and got quite a bit more than me. This is a trend, now. If you want good cone value, order the dish instead of a cone. Plus, Cool Red Spoon!

Quality-wise, this was the best of the three stores reviewed so far. Not too runny, not too marshmellowy.

This store has lots of indoor seating, but the heavy metal music they play in the dining area is too loud. I suggest eating in the car.

In regards to price, West 7th in DT St. Paul is still the price leader, but if I want a small dish of ice cream and want to stay close to my home, I'll come back to Crystal again.

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