Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blaine - The Lowest Price Small Cone! - $1.19

The Blaine DQ is on Hwy 65, North of Hwy 10. It is by Aquator Park where all of my little league tournaments were played. Because of this, this is where I had all of my last game DQs that the coach would by for the team. Nothing but good memories at this DQ.

Now I have another reason to return to this DQ--Small Cone: $1.19!!!!!!!!!!

This is the lowest cone price I have found so far.

Small $1.19
Medium: $1.49
Large: $1.99
PBP: $3.39

This is also the lowest aggregate cost at $8.06 for 1 each.

The only down-side is that the cone was smaller than usual. It falls into the cheapskate category, but might be the place to go if you have smaller children who can't eat as much or if you want fewer calories. (I'm Mr. Brightside today).

This DQ has plenty of inside seating. It is one of those stores that looks like a barn. It has a drive through and the staff is friendly.

One thing to note: Take a look at the sign in the picture...It is not symmetrical like the other DQs I know about. Does anyone else know of a DQ like this?

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