Sunday, June 22, 2008

Edina - Training Store?

The Edina DQ is my home-away-home DQ. 77th and Hwy 100, north of 494. It is walking distance from my office so it often gets my business. I would guess that DQ gets at least $30 per day from the people in my 20 person office. I've got some coworkers who go there everyday for breakfast!

The breakfast looks pretty good--bacon and eggs and all that. I can't do fast food breakfast, though. I'm not at liberty to explain why at this time.

But I do get their cones, though.

Small vanilla cone: $1.79--Just about the priciest in the system, that I know of.
Medium: $2.19
Large: $2.69

PBF: $3.79

Edina is the faciest store I know of. It is a Grill and Chill and has lots of inside seating. It is also 1 block from International DQ Headquarters. This is the sort of store where you order, get a number and they bring you the food at your table. My first time there was after my job interview--They forgot about me and I didn't get my food for a half hour. I got a free meal gift cert for that one.

Service here is hit or miss, I assume because it seems to be a training store. Half the time, a manager is waiting on my, though, which means the service is a bit better.

Cone size is inconsistent (Should I call it In-Cone-Sistent)? My theory is that everyone here is new and a bit shy on the cone machine. I can get the tiniest cone or even a huge cone. I cannot predict.

My most recent cone was average in size, served by a very friendly person and purchased by my coworker, Yee, who is a bit giddy to be leaving the job and the country to begin a new life in a strange land. Taste and consistency was perfect. But I am gonna add again--Any reason why a small cone needs to cost this much?

Of special note, they have specials--4 for $5. 3 for $4, 2-$2. An excellent deal if shopping in a group. They have food from the different food groups to choose from and it includes dipped cones and sundaes for the ice cream offerings. Make sure to check this out.

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