Sunday, July 6, 2008

2612 Hwy 88 - St. Anthony Village DQ

Hwy 88 DQ on my phone

This review was a special request from one of my readers, and I am glad to say that this DQ was a good find.  Mainly because it is an interesting looking Dairy Queen.   It is in the middle of a stripmall parking lot and has a concrete fence around its own patio area forming a little DQ oasis.  There are plenty of tables and seems to get plenty of business.

Small Vanilla Cone: $1.39
Medium: $1.89
Large: $2.19
Peanut Buster Parfait: $3.79
Aggregate: $9.26
Chocolate Ice cream? Yes

Prices for the small and large cone are better than average.  The medium cone is average in price, as is the PBP.  The cone had the good marshmellowy taste that I look for and was the normal size.

Service was a bit odd.  They had a lot of staff working--because it is a busy place--by since they are all teenagers, there was a bit of dickin around when hey should have been taking orders.  Amusing to watch, but service could have been faster.

A new thing I am making note of is whether or not the Dairy Queen has chocolate soft serve. Wife Sally loves it.  I think it takes like the shakes they offered as a lunch alternative at my high school.  The Hwy 88 St. Anthony DQ DOES have chocolate soft serve, and that's good to know.

(Don't confuse this DQ with 409 Old Hwy 8, review to come)

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Michael McGraw - said...

Went back here the other day and was looking forward to a $1.39 cone (2008 prices). Current price for a small cone is $2.49--a buck 10 more than before. Time flies.

The cone was excellent, by the way, if a slight bit small.